Henk Meutgeert is a tour-de-force in the Dutch jazz scene, leading some of the most important and critically-acclaimed bands in the country for over thirty years. Henk began his career as a pianist, recruited at a young age for the famous Skymasters Big Band, as well as accompanying countless jazz greats on Dutch radio for the show “Swingtime.”

Henk Meutgeert

In the 80s he began arranging for the Skymasters, founded the jazz department at the Zwolle Conservatory, and began teaching in both Zwolle and Groningen. After leading the all-star Netherlands Concert Jazzband from 1986-1991, he founded the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw. Henk has always had his pulse on the young talent of the day, and featuring this talent is something he continues to do today with the New Jazz Orchestra.

Henk Meutgeert in het Concertgebouw

Though grounded in the jazz tradition, Henk has never limited himself to one style of music, combining influences from the worlds jazz, classical and world music. He has been recognized both domestically and internationally for his contributions to jazz, including accolades such as the Peter Schilperoort Award (1998), the Bird Award at the North Sea Jazz Festival (1999) and the first Dutch recipient of the Concertgebouw Jazz Award (2015). In 2011, the JOC won an Edison (Dutch version of a Grammy) for the CD “Blues for the Date” featuring Henk’s arrangements, with Peter Beets as soloist.

Henk Meutgeert ontvangt Concertgebouw Jazz Award
Henk Meutgeert ontvangt Concertgebouw Jazz Award


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